About us

Mission Statement

As the International Architecture Student Committee, first and foremost we aim to represent the international students of the Faculty of Architecture. By providing academic support, enforcing the code of studies, providing a platform for voicing ideas and concerns, and promoting social engagement we aim to build a strong, supportive community where everyone feels heard and appreciated. We intend to provide an organized platform in the interest of developing better communication between students and professors, and guide and help students of each generation, with special attention to the newcomers.


Main Goals

•     Represent the international student body

•     Improve student-student and student-teacher communication

•     Improve social interaction through various activities

•     Enforce university rules

•     Generate growth and improvement

•     Support, guide, and help social and academic life

•     Integrate Internationals and Hungarians

•     Promote engagement in university organized events and competitions

•     Mediate between teachers and students



The committee contains 8 positions:

1.    President

2.    Vice President

3.    Education referent

4.    Student club coordinator

5.    Event coordinator

6.    Communication referent

7.    Freshmen representative

8.    Senior representative

Each position has at least one representative in charge of ensuring the proper operations and organization of the group, working with a varying number of volunteer students eager to assist with tasks.